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Your agent is there to handle all the details involved in marketing and successfully selling your home.
Posted: November 25, 2016 by Katie Moore

Whether you’ve decided you need more space, you want to downsize, or maybe you’re just looking for a change of pace, before you can commit to buying something new, you need to get your present home on the market. It’s time to make some serious decisions, one of which is selecting a Real Estate Agent to represent you.

The Value of Experience

A real estate agent is required to keep up with all the changes in the industry from year to year, of which there are many. 

Not only have they studied and been literally tested on all the important factors of home sales in their state, they are also involved in transaction after transaction, month after month, making them experts in a field one can barely wade around in without a real estate license. 

Whether it be buyer objections, financial problems, or if it seems like the sky is actually falling, your REALTOR® has likely seen it before—but if not, he or she has access to seasoned colleagues, managers, and training professionals who have seen it all! With Coldwell Banker Sea Coast and Katie Moore Real Estate Team, there are lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom at your agent’s fingertips to make your transaction a successful one. 


There are a number of negotiations that could take place during the sale of your home. Of course the final selling price may be subject to bidding wars and multiple offers, which is stressful enough, but that’s not the only issue that might need to be navigated. From home repairs to warranties, from financing contingencies to items that might convey with the property, your REALTOR® will have your best interest as their number-one priority and can steer you through these issues as you proceed to the closing table.


What you think your property is worth, what Zillow says your property might be worth, what you wish your property was worth--these things may cloud your judgement when it comes to pricing your home to sell. Price it too high and it will sit on the market and go stale; price it too low and you will lose money. Your REALTOR® is ready and able to price your home based on extensive research into comparable properties, as well as the nuances of the local market and the condition of your home. Working with an agent gives you the ability to leave emotion and misconception out of the equation so you can determine a pricing strategy that fits your goals. 


Real estate marketing is unlike any other form of advertising. Your REALTOR® will have the training and resources to artfully market your home with the most professional, optimal, and technologically innovative methods available. REALTORS® know how to use the right tools and the right words to put the right home in front of the right buyer.
Money & Paperwork

Working with a REALTOR® means having a personal advocate, with your best interest at heart, to navigate the many financial and legal intricacies of Real Estate transactions. Your agent will work with an attorney to draft any necessary addendums or specific contract language. Your agent will also be able to handle earnest money deposits and prepare the necessary documentation to make sure everything progresses toward closing. 

Your agent is there to handle all the details involved in marketing and successfully selling your home. From promoting your home via print materials and online, screening potential buyers, negotiating the contract and guiding you through the required documents and administrative paperwork, The Katie Moore Real Estate Team will make sure the process is a smooth one. 

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